Opening: March 1st 2018

Closure: Jun 15st 2018

The Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Almagro, FIVA, on it's third edition, is pleased to open the participation announcement for a preliminary selection.

These are the categories to participate in:

1. Video-dance as in artistic expression.

  • Audiovisual work made under any technical platform.

  • Original Choreography or re-make for video recording.

  • Spanish and foreigner works are aloud to participate.

  • The videos are not to exceed 10 minutes length.

2. Short-film about dance.

  • Short-films made under any technical platform.

  • Documentary, fiction, animation, experimental shortmfilms related to dance, it's history, diversity of techniques, characters and all that covers Dance and it's wide range, are aloud to participate.

  • Spanish and foreigner works are aloud to participate.

  • The videos are not to exceed 20 minutes length.

3. Video-dance and Short-films with a Gender perspective.

  • The works presented in this category must clearly express a gender perspective in the treatment of its discursive and aesthetic approach

  • The works postulated in this category must cover topics that show the reality of the bodies of those who work and struggle for gender demands and diversity and the complexity of these issues within a social, cultural, physical or spiritual context. Biological and natural body; the body as the main issue to address human rights, labor rights, social struggles, health, education, poverty, slavery, prostitution, sexism in the media, armed conflicts and gender violence; are some of the areas that interest us and overwhelm us. If gender is a construct, what is your perspective? What is your experience? In addition, what are your conclusions about it? Let us know; all views are welcome!

  • Audiovisual work made under any technical platform.

  • Spanish and foreigner works are aloud to participate.

  • The videos are not to exceed 15 minutes length.

  • Registration form:


  • Any work made under any audiovisual platform can apply If it was finished between January 2015 and Junio 2018.

  • It is mandatory the Author's and Projection's rights are registered on the name of the applying participant.

  • Download, fill out and send the registration form form to fivalmagro@gmail.com.

  • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo a copy of the work and send the link to fivalmagro@gmail.com. The video should be uploaded with an optimal resolution.

  • A jury will select will select the works to be exhibit as part of Festival Program.

  • The Results will be notified to the applying participants via email once the selection process is over.

  • The Selected work to be exhibit on the Festival must be sent out following there characteristics:

    • File format: .MOV

    • Mode: PAL or NTSC

    • Codec: Appleprores 422 (minimun)

    • Resolution: HD 1920 x 1080 ó 1280 x 720 (16:9)

  • The files can be sent Through:

    • wetransfer.com to the following email: fivalmagro@gmail.com or a Link to download from Youtube or Vimeo.

  • It's mandatory to deliver the spanish captioning if the work contains any material on a foreigner language.